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Five Stars and a Cricket. Beppe Grillo Shakes Italian Politics
The article focuses on a new political player: the Five Star Movement led by the comedian Beppe Grillo. The party lies at the junction between different organisational models and conceptions ofExpand
From the Street to the Shops: The Rise of New Forms of Political Actions in Italy1
This article argues that substantial changes have occurred in citizen political participation modes and in particular in the repertoire of unconventional action. Over the past few years, even inExpand
The Five-Star Movement: a hybrid actor in the net of state institutions
The MoVimento 5 Stelle (M5S, Five-Star Movement), led by the former comedian Beppe Grillo, is one of the political novelties of major interest in the Italian political scene, and also on anExpand
The five stars continue to shine: the consolidation of Grillo’s ‘movement party’ in Italy
ABSTRACT Despite the predictions of observers and opponents, the Five-star Movement continues to hold centre stage in Italian politics. The article retraces the phases of the Movement’s developmentExpand
Referendum on Renzi: The 2016 Vote on the Italian Constitutional Revision
Abstract The 2016 constitutional referendum could have marked a new phase in Italian politics, producing a clear shift towards a majoritarian (and de facto presidential) democracy. But a substantialExpand
Civil Unions and Political Divisions
In the early months of 2007, the question of legal recognition for de facto couples was one of the main talking points in public and political debate.1 Having been included in the center-left UnioneExpand
The 5 Star People and the Unconventional Parliament
INTRODUCTIONWith the triumphal entrance of the Movimento 5 Stelle (Five Star Movement)1 into the Italian Parliament following the General Election of 2013, the level of "antipolitics" in ItalianExpand
Catholics and politics after the Christian Democrats: the influential minority
Abstract The Italian political history, since the unification of the nation in the nineteenth century, has been deeply marked by the influence of the Catholic Church and of the associations in theExpand
Five Stars, Five Years, Five (Broken) Taboos
The Five-star Movement owes its success to, among other things, its capacity for breaking political taboos. It has been doing this through the nature of its communication styles, with its tendency toExpand
Protest and project, leader and party: normalisation of the Five Star Movement
This article analyses public perceptions of the Five Star Movement (M5S). Voters’ points of view are examined by studying opinion poll results from a longitudinal perspective. The authors focus onExpand