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EGG SENSITIZATION CAUSED BY IMMEDIATE HYPERSENSITIVITY REACTION TO DRUGCONTAINING LYSOZYME Lysozyme is an enzyme obtained from egg white. Its lytic activity on the cell wall of gram-positive microorganisms has led to its use in pharmaceutical products and food applications (cheese and wine industry).1 However, hypersensitivity reactions to lysozyme as a(More)
A joint study group on cow's milk allergy was convened by the Emilia-Romagna Working Group for Paediatric Allergy and by the Emilia-Romagna Working Group for Paediatric Gastroenterology to focus best practice for diagnosis, management and follow-up of cow's milk allergy in children and to offer a common approach for allergologists, gastroenterologists,(More)
Allergen-specific immunotherapy (AIT) is currently recognized as a clinically effective treatment for allergic diseases, with a unique disease-modifying effect. AIT was introduced in clinical practice one century ago, and performed in the early years with allergenic extracts of poor quality and definition. After the mechanism of allergic reaction were(More)
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