Luigi Benussi

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This paper describes the development of a sensor designed to detect low concentrations of hydrogen fluoride (HF ) in gas mixtures. The sensor employs a plastic optic fiber (POF) covered with a thin layer of a glass-like material. The HF attacks the glass and alters the fiber transmission capability so that the detection simply requires a LED and a(More)
With the increases in the LHC instantaneous luminosity, maintaining effective triggering and avoiding dead time will become especially challenging. As the sensitivity of many physics studies, depends critically on the ability to maintain relatively low muon momentum thresholds, the identification of potential improvements in triggering is particularly(More)
We review genetic programming principles, their application to FOCUS data samples, and use the method to study the doubly Cabibbo suppressed decay D → Kπ+π− relative to its Cabibbo favored counterpart, D → Kππ. We find that this technique is able to improve upon more traditional analysis methods. To our knowledge, this is the first application of the(More)
Using data from the FOCUS (E831) experiment at Fermilab, we present a new measurement of the branching ratio for the Cabibbo-favored decay mode D0 → K−K−K+π+. From a sample of 143±19 fully reconstructedD0 → K−K−K+π+ events, we measure Γ(D0 → K−K−K+π+)/Γ(D0 → K−π−π+π+) = 0.00257 ± 0.00034(stat.) ± 0.00024(syst.). A coherent amplitude analysis has been(More)
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