Luigi Barruffo

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The immune status against polioviruses was investigated in a population of 545 students aged 11–20 years residing in the Neapolitan area, who had completed the vaccination cycle with four doses of OPV 5 to over 15 years before. Assuming as unprotected those individuals without detectable neutralizing antibodies at the dilution 1:2, nobody resulted without(More)
Sensorineural hearing impairment is a common pathological manifestation in patients affected by X-linked intellectual disability. A few cases of interstitial deletions at Xq21 with several different phenotypic characteristics have been described, but to date, a complete molecular characterization of the deletions harboring disease-causing genes is still(More)
AIM To describe the effectiveness of a population-based newborn hearing screening program in an economically deprived region of southern Italy. METHODS A screening protocol was proposed for all newborns of the Campania region, starting on January, 2007. For infants identified with hearing loss, information on degree and type of hearing loss and presence(More)
The H-reflex response, and in particular the excitability cycle of spinal motor-neurones, were studied in a group of patients suffering from glue (n-hexane) neuropathy. Motor and sensitive nerve conduction, EMG, and clinical features were also considered. The results, showing an increased excitability of alpha-motorneurones, give evidence of spinal(More)
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