Luigi Barberis

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The kinetics at steady state of prednisone and its metabolite prednisolone were determined in nine nephrotic children during the active phase of the disease and in remission. There were no differences in serum prednisone levels between the two occasions. Prednisone levels were lower than prednisolone levels. Total serum prednisolone levels were(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of hepatobiliary scintigraphy using a 99mTc-HIDA compound to differentiate intrahepatic cholestasis from extrahepatic forms during the first months of life. The tracer used was acid N-(2,6)-diethylacetanylido-iminodiacetic (diethyl-HIDA) with almost exclusively biliary excretion(More)
Noninvasive ventilation (NIV) has been widely used to decrease the complications associated with tracheal intubation in mechanically ventilated patients with neuromuscular diseases in acute respiratory failure. However, nasal ulcerations might occur when masks are used as an interface. Helmet ventilation is a possible option in this case. We describe two(More)
We compared a series of 7 consecutive patients who underwent mitral valve replacement with preservation of both leaflets to a control group of 97 patients who underwent standard mitral valve replacement at our institution during the same period. Use of inotropic drugs and duration of postoperative intensive care were compared and shown to be markedly(More)
Invasive disseminated neonatal aspergillosis is an uncommon disease, with only scattered reports in literature in the last few years. Here we report on a 25-week gestational age, 730 g at birth preterm female infant who developed on day-of-life 10 multiple cutaneous exhulcerative lesions in her right arm, trunk and abdomen. Early recognition and diagnosis(More)
High dose aprotinin has been used in cardiac surgery (Royston 1987) to reduce post operative bleeding. A low dose aprotinin ie 2000000 KIU in the oxygenator prime, has been also proposed. OBJECTIVE. To evaluate postoperative losses and holomogous blood transfusions, in patients undergoing cardiac surgery treated with low and high dose aprotinin. METHODS AND(More)
From January '82 to April '91, 117 patients with aortic disease were operated upon at our University Hospital in Genoa, Italy. Thirty-seven had arch dissections or aneurysms; 66 had acute aortic dissection type A and 14 had aortic dissections or aneurysms type B, acute and chronic. Patients with arch or type B aortic pathology but without surgical(More)