Luigi Aiello

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PURPOSE We report a case of ocular worm treated surgically and confirmed by microbiological identification. METHODS A 33-year-old Swiss woman presented to the ophthalmic unit, complaining of pain and foreign body sensation in the left eye. Slit-lamp examination disclosed a subconjunctival amber -colored cord in the conjunctival fornix. Presentation,(More)
1. The effects of ethyl alcohol and wine (red and white) on haemostatic parameters and experimental thrombosis were studied in rats; NO was evaluated as a possible mediator of these effects. 2. We found that red wine (12% alcohol) supplementation (8.4 +/- 0.4 ml d-1 in drinking water, for 10 days) induced a marked prolongation of 'template' bleeding time(More)
Potassium iodide (KI) has been shown to impair thyroid protein biosynthesis both in vivo and in vitro. The present study was performed in order to clarify its mechanism of action. Ribonucleic acid (RNA) synthesis was studied in beef thyroid slices with either [32P] or [3H]-uridine as labelled precursors. Both KI and thyroxine (T4) at 10(-5) M significantly(More)
Blood vessel in retinal image plays a vital role in medical diagnosis of many diseases. Diabetic retinopathy is one of the diseases which damages the retina and leads to blindness. Segmentation of blood vessels is helpful for ophthalmologists and this paper presents a new automatic method to extract blood vessels with high accuracy. This algorithm is(More)
We report a brief discussion on a clinical case of a female patient, 85 years old, affected by severe cognitive impairment and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The patient was not taking drugs at home (apart from promazine: 10 drops when necessary to control her behavioral diseases). A previous neuropsychological evaluation had shown a severe(More)
Two new ISFETs recently developed by us have now been applied to some pharmaceutical determinations in real matrices; the first device, responsive to cationic surfactants, was employed in the determination of benzalkonium chloride contained in two different disinfectant solutions and in three types of commercial collyrium; the second device, responsive to(More)
Nascent RNA molecules were labeled in vivo and elongated in vitro by incubation of the isolated nuclei in the presence of mercurated nucleotides. The RNA molecules initiated and labeled in vivo and elongated in vitro were then selectively purified on a thiopropyl 6-B Sepharose affinity column. The procedure was shown to be free of artifacts since the(More)
One of the major symptoms of many blood related diseases like diabetes or cardiovascular disease is the change in blood vessel features. These diseases can be detected by analyzing features of retinal vessels and proper treatment can be provided to patient in early stages of disease. Cost associated in detecting these changes and inconsistency in the(More)
Using high salt-washed ribosomal subunits from HeLa cells we detect three ribosomal proteins from the small subunit and five ribosomal proteins from the large subunit that enter ribosomal particles in the absence of ribosome formation (actinomycin D-treated cells); in untreated cells, they enter the ribosomal particles quickly, while the rest of the(More)