Luigi Agostini

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Android best practices for performance are small code changes proposed by Google to reduce execution time. This paper evaluates and analyzes the impact of two of these best practices on performance and energy consumption. The practices are applied to the code of an Android application and the code efficiency is analyzed. The practices indicate a positive(More)
In an approach to the protein folding problem by a Genetic Algorithm, the fitness function plays a critical role. Empirical potentials are generally used to build the fitness function, and they must be weighted to obtain a valuable one. The weights are generally found by the comparison with a set of misfolded structures (decoys), but a dependence of the(More)
−− This paper presents the architecture and the VHDL design of the integer TwoDimensional Discrete Cosine Transform (2-D DCT) used in the H.264/AVC codecs. The forward and inverse 2-D DCT architectures were designed and their synthesis results mapped to Altera FPGAs are presented. The 2-D DCT calculation is performed by exploring the separability property,(More)
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