Luigi Accardi

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We analyze, from the point of view of quantum probability, statistical data from two interesting experiments, done by Shafir and Tversky [1, 2] in the domain of cog-nitive psychology. These are gambling experiments of Prisoner Dilemma type. They have important consequences for economics, especially for the justification of the Savage " Sure Thing Principle(More)
We introduce the class of generic quantum Markov semigroups. Within this class we study the class corresponding to the Fock case which is further split into four sub-classes each of which contains both bounded and unbounded generators, depending on some global characteristics of the intensities of jumps. For the first two of these classes we find an(More)
This work is a detailed study of the convergence of the rescaled creation and annihilation densities, which lead to the master fields, and the form of the drift in the stochastic limit of quantum theory. The approach, based on the distributional theory of Fourier transforms, dispenses with the " analytical condition " and other restrictions usually(More)