Lui S. Wong

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The aim of this study was to compare the ability of artificial neural networks and the Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II score to predict mortality in adult intensive care units. The same physiological variables were used in both predictive models to predict hospital mortality from a data set of 8796 patients collected from 26 adult(More)
We assessed the Bird T-Bird VS ventilator using a model lung constructed to standard 10651-1 of the International Standards Organization. We used different combinations of lung compliance and airway resistance to simulate normal and diseased adult and paediatric lungs. Different preset tidal volumes at various respiratory rates were delivered to the model(More)
Post-systolic shortening is a wall motion abnormality defined as shortening of cardiac muscle after the end of ejection and usually regarded as a manifestation of ischaemia. This study was designed to determine whether changes in preload may alter the magnitude of ischaemia-induced post-systolic shortening. Eleven beagles were anaesthetized (halothane 0.8%)(More)
OBJECTIVES This study was designed to investigate the changes in regional distensibility of the ischemic segment and of a remote nonischemic segment brought about by graded myocardial ischemia. BACKGROUND Ventricular distensibility is a major determinant of left ventricular end-diastolic pressure. The effects of graded myocardial ischemia on the regional(More)
The effects of nitrous oxide on left ventricular diastolic function and its potential interactions with ischemia-induced diastolic dysfunction have not been described. Accordingly, we investigated the effects of nitrous oxide in ischemic and remote nonischemic myocardium during baseline, 90 min severe low-flow myocardial ischemia (systolic bulge), and(More)
Though a sustained post-ischemic decrease in contractile function has been clearly established, post-ischemic diastolic function has not been thoroughly investigated. Accordingly, 11 anesthetized (isoflurane 1%) open-chest beagles were instrumented to measure left ventricular pressure and dimensions (circumferential length and wall thickness) in an(More)
When a spa bath was installed in the maternity unit of Osborne Park Hospital, a Quality Assurance survey was undertaken to try to identify any potential problems. At the same time a client satisfaction survey was conducted. The study highlighted many benefits to the client as an alternative method of pain management. At the same time no obvious problems(More)
To investigate the possibility of regional differences in cardiac stiffness which may relate to the known regional differences in systolic left ventricular function, seven mongrel dogs were acutely instrumented and regional cardiac stiffness was measured at both apical and basal region under two different concentrations of isoflurane (1.08% and 1.9%) as(More)
Objective.An IBM PC-based real-time data acquisition, monitoringand analysis system was developed for the assessment of cardio-respiratoryfunction, i.e. airway dead space, alveolar volume and pulmonary blood flow,using oscillating inert inspired gas forcing signals. Methods.Theforcing gas mixture was generated by an in-house sinusoid gas delivery unit.The(More)
An IBM PC-based real-time data acquisition, monitoring and analysis system for experimental haemodynamic studies was developed. Comprehensive haemodynamic signals, such as aortic and left ventricular pressures, aortic and coronary blood flows, two segmental lengths, two segmental thicknesses, electrocardiogram and airway pressure, were acquired and(More)