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The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness of a spiritual-hypnosis assisted therapy (SHAT) for treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in children. All children, age 6-12 years (N=226; 52.7% females), who experienced the terrorist bomb blasts in Bali in 2002, and subsequently were diagnosed with PTSD were studied, through a(More)
This paper focuses on traditional healers (balian) in Bali, Indonesia, to raise new arguments concerning the nature of the initiatory sufferings reportedly experienced by shamans in many cultures. Our evidence suggests that a) contrary to our expectations, an initiatory madness or illness is experienced by a minority rather than the majority of balian, and(More)
Balinese women face the dilemma of maintaining their vital role amid a rapidly changing society. In Bali, the primary female role is one of fostering balance and harmony within families. The Balinese people view women not from the vantage of career success but rather from the vantage of whether they can produce good quality children, and can work as part of(More)
This paper considers the psychiatrist-traditional healer relationship in clinical management of mental disorders in Bali. It also concerns the role of sociocultural factors in the etiology and management of mental disorder. The basic concepts and therapeutic strategies of Western psychiatry co-exist with the beliefs and methods of traditional healers. Often(More)
BACKGROUND The relationship between the Bali (Indonesia) bombings of October 2002 and suicide has not previously been investigated, despite anecdotal evidence of the economic and psychological consequences of these attacks. METHOD Suicide rates were calculated over the period 1994-2006 in three Bali regencies to determine whether suicide increased in the(More)
This is an investigation of bebainan, a disorder which Balinese believe to be caused by sorcery. Most attacks are brief, lasting 1/4-1 hour. The most common symptoms are sudden feelings of confusion, crying, screaming and shouting, followed by inability of the sufferer to control his or her actions. Most sufferers are aware of their behavior during an(More)
Patients with minor psychiatric disorders, including neuroses, situational adjustment reaction or acute emotional reaction, were investigated using symptom questionnaires at five research sites in Asia including: Chiang-Mai, Thailand; Bali, Indonesia; Kao-Hsiung, Taiwan, China; Shanghai, China; and Tokyo, Japan. The results revealed that the symptom(More)
This study identified, mapped and treated the clinical features of mentally ill people, who had been isolated and restrained by family and community members as a result of a functional failure of the traditional medical, hospital-based mental health model currently practiced in Indonesia. A 10-month epidemiological population survey was carried out in(More)
Verbal random number generation is a procedurally simple task to assess executive function and appears ideally suited for the use under diverse settings in cross-cultural research. The objective of this study was to examine ethnic group differences between young adults in Bali (Indonesia) and Kiel (Germany): 50 bilingual healthy students, 30 Balinese and 20(More)
Childhood and adolescence sexual abuse can have long-lasting and devastating effects on personal and interpersonal growth and development. Sexually abused children tend to exhibit higher rates of poor school performance, aggressive behavior, PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), or depressive symptomatology, as well as social and relational deficits (e.g.,(More)