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Low frequency and intensity ultrasound (LFU) sonication can selectively induce brain tumor cell apoptosis without damaging neural cells, while also enhancing drug delivery to brain tumors. To explore the underlying mechanisms of related pathways in LFU-induced apoptosis, we investigated the expression of proteins associated with LFU-induced apoptosis. C6(More)
Glial cells are important components of the nervous system. However, how they respond to physiological stimuli in vivo remains largely unknown. In this study, we investigated the electrophysiological activities and Ca2+ responses of the C. elegans amphid sheath glia (AMsh glia) to tactile stimulation in vivo. We recorded robust inward currents and Ca2+(More)
In this paper, a boundary-conformed tool path generation method for either compound or trimmed surfaces are proposed, based on two powerful reparametrization schemes- the discretized harmonic mapping and the convex combination mapping. By globally mapping a 3D surface onto a 2D unit square and then planning an iso-parametric curve in the 2D domain, the(More)
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