Ludwik K. Trejdosiewicz

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OBJECTIVE Tight junctions are multicomponent structures, with claudin proteins defining paracellular permeability. Claudin 3 is a candidate for the exceptional "tightness" of human urothelium, being localised to the terminal tight junction (TJ) of superficial cells. Our aim was to determine whether claudin 3 plays an instigating and/or a functional role in(More)
Transforming growth factor (TGF) β has diverse and sometimes paradoxical effects on cell proliferation and differentiation, presumably reflecting a fundamental but incompletely-understood role in regulating tissue homeostasis. It is generally considered that downstream activity is modulated at the ligand:receptor axis, but microarray analysis of(More)
Little is known of the mechanisms by which dietary fatty acids (FAs) may affect normal epithelial cell physiology and thereby directly or indirectly influence tumour incidence and progression. In this study, we have used normal human urothelial cell cultures to investigate whether FAs may modify proliferation of normal human epithelial cells in vitro. FAs(More)
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