Ludwig R. Alvarez

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Bile duct injury is the most feared complication related to biliary tract operations. The goal of this investigation was to offer an alternative treatment that might prevent this complication. Twelve mongrel dogs, thin-walled FEP-ringed Gore-Tex vascular grafts, and Gore-Tex sutures were used in this study. The dogs were randomized into three groups of four(More)
The amebic liver abscess in newborns is an uncommon disease. There are few cases reported in the literature. This is a case of a 20 day-old female newborn who presented an abdominal mass, yellowish diarrheic depositions and jaundice. An abdominal CT scan showed a cystic mass located in the right hepatic lobe. The laboratory exams confirmed the amebic(More)
OBJECTIVES Identify the present of biliary sludge (BS) in our patients, since different authors have concluded that this entity may be an etiologic agent of biliary colic, gallbladder stones and some complications such as acute pancreatitis and acalculous cholecystitis. METHODS We reviewed retrospectively the abdominal sonographic reports of 2802 patients(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effectiveness in the Ecuadorian population of 2 non-invasive methods for the detection of the Helicobacter pylori: the stool antigens immunoassay (HpSAg) and the determination IgG serum of'antibodies. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eighty six dyspeptic patients were evaluated. In each, Helicobacter pylori presence was investigated with(More)
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