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The ultrastructure of the sausage-shaped cyanelles and the ultrastructure and formation of the thecal scales ofPaulinella chromatophora were investigated. The cyanelles have a 6–13 nm thick wall. They are lying within vesicles in the cytoplasma of the host. The chromatoplasma has 15–20 concentrically arranged thylakoids, plastoglobuli and phycobilisomes.(More)
1. Shetty, D.K., Virkar, A.K., Gordon, R.S,, in: Fracture Mechanics of Ceramics, Vol. 4, p. 651 (eds. R.C. Bradt, D.P.H. Hasselman, F.F. Lange). New York: Plenum Press 1978 2. DeJonghe, L.C.: J. Mater. Sci, 12, 497 (1977); Matsui, Y., Horuichi, S.: Proc. 5th Int. Conf. High Voltage Electron Microscopy. p. 321 (1977); Bovin, J.-O,: Nature 273, 136 (1978) 3.(More)
Cyanoptyche gloeocystis f.dispersa (Geitler)Starmach is a palmelloid colonial alga that contains prokaryotic blue-green endocytobionts (cyanelles) instead of chloroplasts. The periphery of the host cell shows a peculiar lacunae system with underlying microtubules. Vegetative cells possess two rudimentary flagella. Zoospores are dorsiventrally shaped with(More)
1. The cyanelles ofGloeochaete wittrockiana are located in vesicles of the host cell. They possess a delicate cell-wall. The chromatoplasm of the cyanelle contains 7–10 concentrically arranged single thylakoids, interthylakoidal phycobilisomes and plastoglobuli. The centroplasm which is rich in ribosomes contains polyphosphate granules and a large(More)
Approximately 30 minutes after formation of the globular zygote, a patterned arrangement of cell organelles and vesicles becomes visible in the peripheral cytoplasm of the zygote. The pattern corresponds to that of the arrangement of the spines in the fully grown zygote. It is called “initial pattern of spine formation”. This cytoplasmic pattern leads to(More)
From the Elbe estuary and the adjacent North Sea coast, 19 species ofVaucheria are on record. Their horizontal and vertical distribution pattern as well as their association with macrophyte communities are described. With regard to ecological salinity tolerance and distribution below or above mean high water, 7 ecological groups ofVaucheria species are(More)
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