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Plasticity of synaptic connections plays an important role in the temporal development of neural networks which are the basis of memory and behavior. The conditions for successful functional performance of these nerve nets have to be either guaranteed genetically or developed during ontogenesis. In the latter case, a general law of this development may be(More)
We developed a test for rapid determination of the minimal bactericidal concentration (MBC) of antibiotics. MBC is determined by calculating the relative proportion of live and dead bacteria by means of two fluorescence dyes: Syto 9 (which detects only live bacteria) and Propidium iodide (which labels live and dead bacteria). Testing was performed in(More)
Anhäufungen von Rundungsfehlern führen in der Praxis häufig dazu, daß direkte simplexartige Methoden zur Lösung linearer Approximationsprobleme in der Maximumsnorm versagen. Vor dem approximationstheoretischen Hintergrund des Problems werden in der vorliegenden Arbeit einfach durchzuführende Tests entwickelt, die numerische Schwierigkeitenim voraus anzeigen(More)
Oral anticoagulation using vitamin K antagonists has been established for over 50 years. Although it is highly effective in preventing thromboembolic incidents, its therapeutic control still remains problematic. Therefore, a computer-aided approach is recommended for deriving dosages. Up to now, the dosage is often based on the visual inspection of previous(More)
UNLABELLED A recently developed multiparameter computer-aided expert system (TheMa) for guiding anticoagulation with phenprocoumon (PPC) was validated by a prospective investigation in 22 patients. The PPC-INR-response curve resulting from physician guided dosage was compared to INR values calculated by "twin calculation" from TheMa recommended dosage.(More)
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