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Orexins A and B are two hypothalamic peptides that increase food intake and body weight and probably play a role in the sleep regulation. They act through two subtypes of G protein-coupled receptors,(More)
Orexins A and B are hypothalamic peptides, that act through two receptor subtypes, called OX1-R and OX2-R. OX1-R selectively binds orexin A, whereas OX2-R is nonselective for both orexins. High(More)
Neuropeptides B and W (NPB and NPW) are regulatory peptides that act via two subtypes of G protein-coupled receptors, named GPR7 and GPR8. RT-PCR demonstrated the expression of these receptors in(More)
The effects of endothelins (ET) on the proliferative activity of the rat adrenal cortex have been investigated in vivo, using an in situ perfusion technique of the intact left gland. The chemicals(More)
SummaryStudies were performed on the reactivity of the hypothalamopituitary-adrenocortical axis of intact, gonadectomized, and testosterone- or estradiol-replaced rats to standard ether stress.(More)