Ludvig Fjeld Solheim

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The piriformis muscle syndrome, a term applied to an abnormal condition of the piriformis muscle, is characterized by symptoms and signs due to sciatic nerve entrapment at the greater sciatic notch. Two patients with this syndrome, successfully treated with section of the piriformis muscle, are reported. The piriformis muscle syndrome should be suspected as(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify to which degree patient-related factors (age, gender, place of residence, general health condition, comorbidity) and hospital-related factors (waiting time for surgery, type of surgery, in-hospital complications, length of stay) may predict 1-year mortality in elderly hip fracture patients in an orthogeriatric unit, to optimize(More)
BACKGROUND Norway, and particularly Oslo, has the highest reported incidence of hip fractures in the world. It is increasingly common to care for older hip fracture patients in orthogeriatric units where orthopaedic care is combined with interdisciplinary geriatric care. The characteristics and needs of older hip fracture patients are poorly described. The(More)
Bone changes 6-12 weeks after castration have been studied in 25 female and 27 male middle-aged rats. Castrated female rats gained more weight than their controls, but had decreased bone density and calcium and hydroxyproline content per cm3 bone volume of tibia. Castrated male rats did not differ from controls regarding body weight and the bone parameters.(More)
Six patients with peripheral nerve lesions after total hip replacements were reviewed. The incidence of peripheral nerve lesions was six out of 825, i.e. 0.7 per cent. The neuropathies, four sciatic, one femoral and one combined femoral and sciatic, were due to damage by the reamer in one case, haemorrhage in two, whereas the cause was unknown in three(More)
Reconstruction of the lateral ankle ligaments ad modum Støren, using the medial one third of the Achilles tendon as a nourished transplant is a relatively unknown procedure. Thirty patients operated on using this technique have been evaluated. The mean observation time was 4 years (range 1/2--16 years). All patients but one had a stable ankle joint and were(More)
The influence of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) and naproxen on growing bones was studied. Young male rats were used. The drugs were administered via gastric gavage twice a day for 9 or 18 days. Drug doses giving serum concentrations corresponding to ordinary anti-inflammatory steady-state levels in humans were used. There was a drug-related influence on the(More)
A 32-year-old man with a chronic compartmental syndrome of the muscle bellies of the abductor pollicis longus and the extensor pollicis brevis muscles was successfully treated by fasciotomy of the muscle sheath. It is pointed out that this condition was primarily due to hypertrophy of the muscles combined with overuse edema. This condition should be(More)
The mechanical strengths of the bone-implant interfaces of titanium coated with glass ceramic and pure titanium implants were compared. The glass ceramic had a chemical composition similar to 45S5F Bioglass. Cylindrical implants were placed in feline femurs. Six weeks later the strength of the fixation was tested using pull-out tests. Energy dispersive(More)