Ludovica Liguori

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Personalized therapies are required for Fabry disease due to its large phenotypic spectrum and numerous different genotypes. In principle, missense mutations that do not affect the active site could be rescued with pharmacological chaperones. At present pharmacological chaperones for Fabry disease bind the active site and couple a stabilizing effect, which(More)
Fabry disease is caused by mutations in the GLA gene and is characterized by a large genotypic and phenotypic spectrum. Missense mutations pose a special problem for graduating diagnosis and choosing a cost-effective therapy. Some mutants retain enzymatic activity, but are less stable than the wild type protein. These mutants can be stabilized by small(More)
BACKGROUND Rare diseases represent a challenge for physicians because patients are rarely seen, and they can manifest with symptoms similar to those of common diseases. In this work, genetic confirmation of diagnosis is derived from DNA sequencing. We present a tutorial for the molecular analysis of a rare disease using Fabry disease as an example. (More)
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