Ludovica Leone

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Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid derived from the microbial fermentation of dietary fibers in the colon. In the last decade, multiple beneficial effects of butyrate at intestinal and extraintestinal level have been demonstrated. The mechanisms of action of butyrate are different and many of these involve an epigenetic regulation of gene expression(More)
Persistent symptoms of nausea, distress, and vomiting triggered by reminders of cancer treatment were examined among 273 Hodgkin's disease survivors, 1 to 20 years posttreatment. Prevalence rates were high for distress and nausea but low for vomiting. Retrospective report of anticipatory symptoms during treatment was the strongest predictor of persistent(More)
The immune system is exquisitely sensitive to environmental changes. Diet constitutes one of the major environmental factors that exerts a profound effect on immune system development and function. Epigenetics is the study of mitotically heritable, yet potentially reversible, molecular modifications to DNA and chromatin without alteration to the underlying(More)
BACKGROUND Amino acid-based formulas (Aaf) are increasingly used in children with cow's milk allergy (CMA). To be labeled hypoallergenic these formulas must demonstrate in clinical studies that they don't provoke reactions in 90% of subjects with confirmed CMA with 95% confidence when given in prospective randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled(More)
Atopy patch tests (APTs) have been proposed for the diagnostic approach in children with non-IgE-mediated cow's milk allergy and gastrointestinal symptoms. We aimed to investigate the benefit of APTs in predicting oral tolerance in these patients. We prospectively evaluated 172 subjects with a sure diagnosis of non-IgE-mediated CMA and gastrointestinal(More)
BACKGROUND Calcium (Ca(2+)) and vitamin D (VitD) play an important role in child health. We evaluated the daily intake of Ca(2+) and VitD in healthy children. Moreover, we demonstrate the efficacy of Ca(2+) and VitD supplementation. METHODS Daily Ca(2+) and VitD intake was evaluated in consecutive healthy children through a validated questionnaire.(More)
A healthy immune system is essential for prevention and recovery in many pediatric illnesses. During last decade, the role of nutrition beyond providing the calories and the macro-and micronutrients for body growth has been well established and clinically proven. Many nutrients have a tremendous potential to modulate directly or indirectly, through a(More)
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