Ludovic Thobois

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Master-slave parallelization of Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) is straightforward, by distributing all fitness computations to slaves. The benefits of asynchronous steadystate approaches are well-known when facing a possible heterogeneity among the evaluation costs in term of runtime, be they due to heterogeneous hardware or non-linear numerical simulations.(More)
Abstract: In this paper, large-eddy simulation techniques are used to predict aerodynamics through diesel engine intake ports under steady-flow conditions. For the first test case, swirling flows are investigated through an axisymmetric sudden expansion. The LES swirl profile predicted is compared with experimental measurements. For the second test case, a(More)
The new generation of high-resolution (~1 km) weather forecast models now operational over Europe promises to revolutionise predictions of severe weather and poor air quality. To realise this promise, a dense observing network is required, focusing especially on the lowest few km of the atmosphere, so that forecast models have the most realistic state of(More)
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