Ludovic Sablon

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The mutualistic relationships that occur between myrmecophilous aphids and ants are based on the rich food supply that honeydew represents for ants and on the protection they provide against aphid natural enemies. While aphid predators and parasitoids actively forage for oviposition sites by using aphid semiochemicals, scouts of aphid-tending ant species(More)
The Colorado potato beetle (CPB), Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say), has been an important defoliator of potatoes for 150 years. Although the use of insecticides allowed drastic reductions of CPB populations, resistance development against active substances has been observed. In this context, biological control using predatory larvae of the lacewing may(More)
The Colorado potato beetle (CPB) has been a major insect pest to potato farming for over 150 years and various control methods have been established to reduce its impact on potato fields. Crop rotation and pesticide use are currently the most widely used approaches, although alternative methods are being developed. Here we review the role of various(More)
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