Ludovic Reveiz

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BACKGROUND Cutaneous leishmaniasis is caused by a parasitic infection and is considered one of the most serious skin diseases in many developing countries. Antimonials are the most commonly prescribed treatment but other drugs have been used with varying success. OBJECTIVES To assess the effects of treatments for Old World cutaneous leishmaniasis (OWCL).(More)
BACKGROUND Pityriasis rosea is a scaly rash that mainly affects young adults. It can be very itchy but most people recover within 2 to 12 weeks. OBJECTIVES To assess the effects of interventions for pityriasis rosea. SEARCH STRATEGY We searched the Cochrane Skin Group Specialised Register (December 2004), the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled(More)
BACKGROUND This is an updated version of the original review published in Issue 2, 2008 of The Cochrane Library. Non-small cell lung cancers (NSCLC) constitute about 80% of all lung cancer cases. Although surgery is the only curative treatment of NSCLC, fewer than 20% of tumors can be radically resected. Radiotherapy is one of the main treatment modalities(More)
BACKGROUND A colonoscopy may frequently miss polyps and cancers. A number of techniques have emerged to improve visualization and to reduce the rate of adenoma miss. METHODS We conducted a randomized controlled trial (RCT) in two clinics of the Gastrointestinal Department of the Sanitas University Foundation in Bogota, Colombia. Eligible adult patients(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare health research priority-setting methods and characteristics among countries in Latin America and the Caribbean during 2002 - 2012. METHODS This was a systematic review that identified national health research policies and priority agendas through a search of ministry and government databases related to health care institutions.(More)
The 52nd Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), in response to a call for action of the Minister of Health of El Salvador, recognized chronic kidney disease from nontraditional causes (CKDnT) affecting agricultural communities in Central America as a serious public health problem that requires urgent, effective, and concerted(More)
BACKGROUND Giardiasis infection may be asymptomatic, or can cause diarrhoea (sometimes severe), weight loss, malabsorption, and, in children, failure to thrive. It is usually treated with metronidazole given three times daily for five to 10 days. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the relative effectiveness of alternative antibiotic regimens for treating adults or(More)
BACKGROUND Chorioamnionitis is a common infection that affects both mother and infant. Infant complications associated with chorioamnionitis include early neonatal sepsis, pneumonia, and meningitis. Chorioamnionitis can also result in maternal morbidity such as pelvic infection and septic shock.Clinical chorioamnionitis is estimated to occur in 1% to 2% of(More)
BACKGROUND Acute lower abdominal pain is common and making a diagnosis is particularly challenging in premenopausal woman as ovulation and menstruation symptoms overlap with the symptoms of appendicitis and pelvic infection. A management strategy involving early laparoscopy could potentially provide a more accurate diagnosis, earlier treatment and reduced(More)