Ludovic Menet

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To manage parameters, the majority of Information Systems is concerned by heterogeneity in both data and solutions. Consequently, the management of this data becomes complex, inefficient, insecure and expensive. The need to use a structured formalism to handle complex data appears. We suggest a data integration solution based on a XML architecture. This(More)
The majority of Information Systems is concerned by heterogeneity in both data and solutions. The use of this data thus becomes complex, inefficient and expensive in business applications. The issues of data integration, data storage, design and exchange of models are strongly linked. The need to federate data sources and to use standard modelling formalism(More)
In this paper, we propose an incremental validation method in the scope of a Model Driven Engineering (MDE) approach used to develop XML Schema models. The suggested MDE approach is based on an abstraction layer thanks to UML class diagrams, and on a series of transformations allowing the definition of XML Schema models. Our method of validation aims at(More)
The federation of data sources and the definition of pivot models are strongly interrelated topics. This paper explores a mediation solution based on XML architecture and the concept of Master Data Management. In this solution, pivot models use the standard XML Schema allowing the definition of complex data structures. The introduction of a MDE approach is(More)
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RÉSUMÉ. XML est devenu depuis la fin des années 90 le standard pour échanger et envoyer de l’information sur Internet. Le W3C a ensuite préconisé l’utilisation de XML Schema pour définir la structure des documents XML. A ce jour, la modélisation graphique de modèles XML Schema n’est pas standardisée. L’introduction d’un formalisme de définition de modèles(More)
Résumé. Dans cet article, nous proposons un formalisme permettant à des utilisateurs d’être impliqués dans les phases de conception de modèles de Gestion de Données de Référence (dite MDM), tout en faisant abstraction des spécificités techniques de la plateforme cible. Pour cela, des profils sont définis pour étendre la sémantique d’UML, trop générique, à(More)
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