Ludovic Hoarau

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Marine debris, caused by anthropogenic pollution, is a major problem impacting marine wildlife worldwide. This study documents and quantifies the ingestion and defecation of debris by 74 loggerhead sea turtles, Caretta caretta, in the South-West Indian Ocean. Debris was found in 51.4% of gut or fecal samples of loggerheads by-catch from Reunion Island long(More)
Albacore is one of the most important commercially harvested species in the world’s oceans. Despite a long history of scientific research, there is no global review or synthesis of knowledge about the species across all oceanic regions. We analysed 613 published studies that report on albacore and summarize the current state of knowledge on biology, stock(More)
Territorial Stegastes damselfishes play key trophic roles in benthic coral reef communities (Gobler et al. 2006). They typically occupy hard substrates such as live and dead corals, but may also use foliose macroalgae for cultivation of palatable epiphytes (Ceccarelli et al. 2005). Despite their widespread distribution and high abundance (Ceccarelli et al.(More)
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