Ludovic Guillemot

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Energetic young pulsars and expanding blast waves [supernova remnants (SNRs)] are the most visible remains after massive stars, ending their lives, explode in core-collapse supernovae. The Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope has unveiled a radio quiet pulsar located near the center of the compact synchrotron nebula inside the supernova remnant CTA 1. The(More)
Here we propose a new blockwise Rate-Distortion (R-D) model dedicated to lattice vector quantization (LVQ) of sparse and structured signals. We first show that the clustering properties leads to a distribution of the norm L α of source vectors close to a mixture of Gamma density. From this issue, we derive the joint distribution of vectors as a mixture of(More)
Entropy-coded lattice vector quantization (ECLVQ) with codebooks dedicated to independent identically distributed (i.i.d.) generalized Gaussian sources have proven their high coding performances in the wavelet domain. It is well known that wavelet coefficients with high magnitude (corresponding to edges and textures) tend to be clustered in a few amount of(More)