Ludovic Fabre

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Three experiments examined the effects of temporal attention and aging on masked repetition and categorical priming for numbers and words. Participants' temporal attention was manipulated by varying the stimulus onset asynchrony (i.e., constant or variable SOA). In Experiment 1, participants performed a parity judgment task and a lexical decision task in(More)
Young and older adults completed a parity judgment task (i.e., judging whether a target digit was odd or even) in which target numbers were preceded by masked prime numbers presented for 43 msec. Targets were either congruent (i.e., they had the same parity status as their primes) or incongruent (i.e., odd primes were paired with even targets, and even(More)
The bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) is a widely spread cetacean species. We present a quantitative analysis of age dimorphism variation in the skull of T. truncatus assessed by geometric morphometrics (GM) methods. Differences in size and shape of skulls were investigated using eight landmarks plotted on 2-D images of ventral views of 14 museum(More)
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