Ludovic Dubost

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Wikis empower users to collaborate with each other using prose. Users imprint data structures and processes onto wiki pages using social and technical conventions. Application wikis enhance wiki engines with lightweight programming features that aid in making data structures and processes explicit. Using these features, end-users can program a wiki to(More)
XWiki Concerto is a research project aiming at evolving the open-source XWiki engine toward a P2P architecture supporting mobility, offline work and replication of content across a large number of peers. This research brings XWiki the capacity to (i) run on a fault tolerant P2P architecture allowing to scale to millions of users using a secure solution(More)
There are several wikis out there, from the widly popular MediaWiki to less-known alternatives such as GeboGebo or Sycamore. So many of them in fact, that most people cannot really distinguish one from another. While offering all the features wiki users have come to get used to (easy edition, page history, rich text editor), XWiki stands out as one of the(More)
Les systèmes pair-à-pair sont de plus en plus utilisés pour développer des applications distribuées au sein des entreprises. Les réseaux pair-à-pair permettent de construire des applications fiables, performantes, disponibles et passant à l'échelle en répliquant les données sur plusieurs pairs du réseau. Dans cet article nous nous intéressons à la(More)
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