Ludovic Bannwarth

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We have designed, synthesized, and evaluated the inhibitory activity and metabolic stability of new peptidomimetic molecular tongs based on a naphthalene scaffold for inhibiting HIV-1 protease dimerization. Peptidomimetic motifs were inserted into one peptidic strand to make it resistant to proteolysis. The peptidic character of the molecular tongs can be(More)
Mutations that occur in response to the HIV-1 protease inhibitors are responsible for the development of multidrug cross-resistance to these antiproteases in AIDS treatment. One alternative to inhibiting the active site of HIV-1 protease is to target the dimer interface of the homodimeric enzyme at the antiparallel beta-sheet formed by the interdigitation(More)
Wild-type and drug-resistant mutated HIV-1 proteases are active as dimers. This work describes the inhibition of their dimerization by a new series of alkyl tripeptides that target the four-stranded antiparallel beta-sheet formed by the interdigitation of the N- and C-monomer ends of each monomer. Analytical ultracentrifugation was used to give experimental(More)
Herein we describe the synthesis and HIV-1 protease (PR) inhibitory activity of 16 new peptidomimetic molecular tongs with a naphthalene scaffold. Their peptidic character was progressively decreased. Two of these molecules exhibited the best dimerization inhibition activity toward HIV-1 wild-type and multimutated ANAM-11 proteases obtained to date for this(More)
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