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The dual mobility socket concept: experience with 668 cases
Long-term results of a retrospective series of primary arthroplasty with the original cementless dual mobility socket (A) and the midterm results with the second generation (B) are reported. InExpand
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Presence of an intracompartmental septum detected by ultrasound is associated with the failure of ultrasound-guided steroid injection in de Quervain’s syndrome
The purpose of this study was to find clinical or ultrasound characteristics that might predict the failure of conservative treatment in de Quervain’s syndrome. A total of 42 ultrasound-guidedExpand
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Pyrocardan implant: free pyrocarbon interposition for resurfacing trapeziometacarpal joint
Objectifs: Le but de cette etude a ete d'evaluer les resultats preliminaires d'un nouvel implant d'interposition trapezometacarpienne en pyrocarbone, le Pyrocardan, pour le traitement de l'arthroseExpand
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Pi2 Spacer Pyrocarbon Arthroplasty Technique for Thumb Basal Joint Osteoarthritis
Trapeziectomy associated with a pyrocarbon implant is a recent procedure for thumb basal joint osteoarthritis. The investigators report Pi2 pyrocarbon implant technique (Tornier Bioprofile, Grenoble,Expand
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Retrospective study of two fixation methods for 4-corner fusion: Shape-memory staple vs. dorsal circular plate.
The purpose of this study was to compare the results of two groups of patients with four-corner fusion, one group fixed with shape-memory staples and the other with locked circular plates. ThisExpand
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Arthrodesis of thumb interphalangeal and finger distal interphalangeal joints using the intramedullary X-Fuse(®) implant: Retrospective analysis of 38 cases.
Various indications exist for thumb interphalangeal and finger distal interphalangeal arthrodesis. Various fixation techniques (compression screws, tension band wiring, K-wires) have been describedExpand
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A ten-year prospective outcome study of Pi2 pyrocarbon spacer arthroplasty in carpometacarpal joint osteoarthritis.
Surgical management of carpometacarpal osteoarthritis may use many techniques. Pi2 (pyrocarbon interposition implant) arthroplasty is one possible solution after total trapeziectomy. The presentExpand
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[Tibial valgus osteotomy].
The tibial valgus osteotomy whatever its technique has a survival rate of about 85 % to 10 years, if we consider the reoperation as a criterion of failure, with a confidence index at 78%. The age,Expand
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Why do we use arthroscopy for distal radius fractures?
AbstractThe management of distal radius fractures needs to be adapted to the increasingly complex traumas in patients with greater functional requirements. The goal remains to restore normal anatomyExpand
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Anatomic basis of ulnar index metacarpal reverse flow vascularized bone graft for index distal bone loss
Well-known advantages of vascularized bone grafts led us to determine the anatomical basis of a metacarpal vascularized bone graft to find a solution for distal index bone loss. Seventeen adult humanExpand
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