Ludmilla M Ogorodova

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The T113M polymorphism resulting from the missense mutation in exon 5 of the human interleukin 9 (IL9) gene was tested for association with bronchial asthma (BA). The genotype frequency analysis did not reveal a deviation from the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. A comparison of the genotype frequency distributions in a control group of healthy individuals and(More)
Polymorphism for the GSTT1 and GSTM1 null alleles was analyzed in 69 patients with atopic bronchial asthma (BA) and in 57 healthy individuals from Tomsk. The two samples did not differ in frequencies of genotypes 0/0 and + of either gene or in frequencies of genotype combinations. No association was observed for GST and BA severity. Thus, the GST null(More)
The effect of nanopowder CoFe2O4 on contractile responses of smooth-muscle segments of guinea pigs airways was studied by mechanography. Both in vivo inhalation of nanopowder aerosol or in vitro application of nanopowder to isolated airway segments increased the amplitude of contractile responses to histamine and potentiated the dilatory reaction to(More)
BACKGROUND Both asthma and obesity are complex disorders that are influenced by environmental and genetic factors. Shared genetic factors between asthma and obesity have been proposed to partly explain epidemiological findings of co-morbidity between these conditions. OBJECTIVE To identify genetic variants that are associated with body mass index (BMI) in(More)
Opisthorchiasis is one of the significant naturofocal diseases in Russia. The diagnosis of opisthorchiasis may mask some diseases, such as opisthorchiasis, metorchiasis, and clonorchiasis - biohelminthoses that are induced by various representatives of the family Opisthorchiidae-Opisthorchis felineus/O.viverrini, Metorchis bilis, and Clonorchis sinensis,(More)
BACKGROUND Very little is known regarding the global variations in the prevalence of food allergies. The EuroPrevall-INCO project has been developed to evaluate the prevalence of food allergies in China, India and Russia using the standardized methodology of the EuroPrevall protocol used for studies in the European Union. The epidemiological surveys of the(More)
Population distribution and pathogenetic significance for bronchial asthma (BA) of the eight polymorphic variants of six interleukin- (IL) and interleukin receptor genes, C-589T, G/C 3"-UTRIL4, C-703T IL5 T113M IL9 Q551R, 150V IL4RA, G-80A IL5RA, and G1972A IL5RB, was examined. In the population samples of Russians, Tajiks, Buryats, and Tuvinians racial and(More)
The study was aimed to estimate the relationship between the prevalence of allergic disease and helminth invasion by the trematode Opisthorchis felineus in rural and urban populations of Tomsk Oblast (West Siberia, Russia). Two hundred and one people from Kargasok village of Tomsk Oblast and 196 from the city of Tomsk were screened for the presence of atopy(More)