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Alzheimer's disease (AD) autoimmunity is a focus for dementia prevention. Generated autoantibodies against major etiopathogenic molecular targets as neuroimmune markers of dementia were measured by(More)
The calcium-binding equine lysozyme has been found to undergo conversion into amyloid fibrils during incubation in solution at acidic pH. At pH 4.5 and 57 degrees C, where equine lysozyme forms a(More)
The normal function of equine lysozyme (EL) is the hydrolysis of peptidoglycan residues of bacterial cell walls. EL is closely related to alpha-lactalbumins with respect to sequence and structure and(More)
Formation of amyloid deposits from the Ile56Thr or Asp67His variants of human lysozyme is a hallmark of autosomal hereditary systemic amyloidosis. It has recently been shown that amyloid fibrils can(More)