Ludmila V. Filimonova

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Using a climatic calibration based on the scores of the plant functional types (PFTs) calculated for 1245 surface pollen spectra, the climate at 6 ka BP has been reconstructed for a set of 116 pollen spectra from the former Soviet Union and Mongolia. The results are presented as maps of climatic anomalies and maps of probability classes showing the(More)
The results of the study of typical specimens of the trematode G. amoena from blood vessels of the crocodile Crocodylus johnstoni in Australia are provided. The data obtained on the morphology of this parasite did not confirm the statement of Platt et al. (1991) that this species belongs to the family Schistosomatidae. Morphological data on G. amoena enable(More)
This article provides information about the depositories of parasitic worms in the scientific institutes and museums in the United States, Japan, and Europe (the total number of samples and the availability of types of helminths from various classes), as well as information on the availability of electronic catalogues of the collections in the continental,(More)
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