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OBJECTIVE The objective of our study was to investigate and evaluate the relationship between road traffic noise and cardiovascular risk. METHODS The study sample (n=659; 36.9% male, 63.1% female university students, mean age 22.83+/-1.58 years) included a group exposed to road traffic noise (n=280, L(eq,24h)=67+/-2dB(A)) and a control group (n=379,(More)
BACKGROUND Frequent stress contributes to physical and psychical disorders already in school-age children. Subjective evaluation of stress level is considered adequately informative for differentiating eustress and distress. OBJECTIVES Assessment of the extent of stress and connections with health-related factors and characteristics is a precondition for(More)
In urban areas community noise is one of the important factors in producing deterioration of both well-being and the quality of life. The aim of the study was to compare two noise annoyance surveys and two noise annoyance scales in the period of 15 years in selected areas of Slovak capital Bratislava, to calculate risks of community noise annoyance and(More)
Secondhand smoke is one of the most common toxic environmental exposures to children, and maternal health problems also have substantial negative effects on children. We are unaware of any studies examining the association of living with smokers and maternal health. To investigate whether non-smoking mothers who live with smokers have worse physical and(More)
OBJECTIVE Authors aimed at positive and negative changes evaluation in nutrition and nutritional status of university-medical students comparing the situation in years 1984 and 1999. They were trying to determine, how was the nutrition of current medical students influenced by food consumption changes in the Slovak population and price liberalization of the(More)
Holubová B., Göselová S., Ševčíková L., Vlach M., Blažková M., Lapčík O., Fukal L. (2013): Rapid immunoassays for detection of anabolic nortestosterone in dietary supplements. Czech J. Food Sci., 31: 514–519. An enzyme immunoassay (ELISA) and an immunochromatographic strip were designed for a rapid detection of nortestosterone in dietary supplements. Two(More)