Ludmila Menert

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There is ample evidence in the literature that English and Dutch listeners tend to perceive stress on the word-initial syllable. This bias is most easily seen in the perception of (nonsense) words containing repetitions of identical syllables. In four experiments the possible causes of this bias are investigated. The results show that the bias disappears(More)
Fluent Dutch Text-To-Speech is a new, high-quality TTS system for Dutch, built on top of the MBROLA diphone synthesizer (Dutoit 1997), and commercially available for Windows 95/NT. This paper discusses two applications which use the TTS system: a talking dictionary, and a communication aid for the vocally handicapped. In the talking dictionary application,(More)
Syntax, the LOT Summer School 1995, the University of Amsterdam Linguistic Colloquium and the 11th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop at Rutgers University. We would like to thank the audiences for useful comments. Thanks are also due to Frank Drijkoningen, Astrid Ferdinand, Jane Grimshaw, Aafke Hulk, Roumyana Izvorski, René Kager, Jacqueline van Kampen,(More)
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