Ludmila Kremer

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Two monoclonal antibodies (Nilo1 and Nilo2) were generated after immunization of hamsters with E13.5 olfactory bulb-derived mouse neurospheres. They are highly specific for neural stem and early progenitor cell surface antigens. Nilo positive cells present in the adult mouse subventricular zone (SVZ) were able to initiate primary neural stem cell cultures.(More)
Lymphatic vessels, the second vascular system of higher vertebrates, are indispensable for fluid tissue homoeostasis, dietary fat resorption and immune surveillance. Not only are lymphatic vessels formed during fetal development, when the lymphatic endothelium differentiates and separates from blood endothelial cells, but also lymphangiogenesis occurs(More)
OBJECTIVE Platelet function has been intensively studied in the adult organism. However, little is known about the function and hemostatic capacity of platelets in the developing fetus as suitable in vivo models are lacking. APPROACH AND RESULTS To examine fetal platelet function in vivo, we generated a fetal thrombosis model and investigated(More)
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