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CONTEXT The evidence that breastfeeding improves cognitive development is based almost entirely on observational studies and is thus prone to confounding by subtle behavioral differences in the breastfeeding mother's behavior or her interaction with the infant. OBJECTIVE To assess whether prolonged and exclusive breastfeeding improves children's cognitive(More)
fMRI-EEG dynamics of brain activity in volunteers was studied during the course of EEG alpha-stimulation training (20 sessions). Twenty-three healthy men (20-35 years) were subjected to 3-fold mapping in a feedback loop (EEG alpha-rhythm biofeedback with acoustic reinforcement). This procedure was performed at the beginning, middle, and end of the course.(More)
We evaluated the efficacy, safety, and dose-response relationship of fosinopril in children aged 6 to 16 years with hypertension or high-normal blood pressure with an associated medical condition requiring treatment. The study was a prospective, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial conducted in 78 clinical sites in the United States, Russia, and Israel.(More)
For the first time in neurobiology-related issues, the synergistic spatial dynamics of EEG and fMRI (BOLD phenomenon) was studied during cognitive alpha biofeedback training in the operant conditioning mode (acoustic reinforcement of alpha-rhythm development and stability). Significant changes in alpha-rhythm intensity were found in T6 electrode area(More)
AIM To show specific features of respiratory disoders in patients with ischemic heart disease (IHD) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) taking atenolol for a long time. MATERIAL AND METHODS A long-term study of external respiration function was made in 287 patients with IHD and COPD treated with berodual and atenolol (group 1) vs 74 matched(More)
External respiration was evaluated in coronary patients with varying duration of the disease. Bronchial obstruction was not a rare finding especially in patients with a long history of angina pectoris. In most of the patients the obstruction was reversible as shown by respiration parameters upon inhalation of broncholytics with various mechanisms of action.(More)
In order to study CHD prevalence in an organized population (aged 20 to 59) in Novosibirsk a simultaneous cardiological study of workers and employees at one of the factories was conducted in 1985. CHD prevalence rate among all examinees was 12.2%. The growing number of risk factors brought about an increase in the number of detected CHD cases. Particular(More)
Comparative identification of cerebral regions activated in men and women during perception of indefinite images was carried out by fMRT and psychological testing. Nine men and nine women aged 20–26 years took part in the study. The volunteers examined simple geometric figures, slightly structurized images (tables from Rorschach’s test), and images of(More)