Ludmila I Kramarova

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The ligand-binding characteristics (B(max) and K(D)) of alpha(1)- and beta(1)/beta(2)-adrenoceptors were investigated in membranes prepared from brown adipose tissue (BAT) of warm-acclimated, cold-acclimated, hibernating and arousing ground squirrels (Spermophillus undulatus) and hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus) by specific binding of [(3)H]prazosin and(More)
Activities of mitochondrial electron transport chain enzymes NADH-CoQ oxidoreductase (complex I), cytochrome C-oxidase (complex IV), and citrate synthase were measured by spectrophotometry in m. quadriceps femoris homogenate from old rats receiving olive oil with the ration. Reduced activities of complexes I and IV in old animals were restored to the level(More)
The study of the reversible suspension of the vital activity of neurons, as a part of nervous tissue, after their cryopreservation, is new and in demand. Long-term storage of a viable material at a temperature of liquid nitrogen (−196°C) opens new opportunities for biomedicine in the field of the establishment of cryobanks for nerve tissue transplants. In(More)
Seasonal changes in the amount of DSIP-like material have been measured in extracts from the brain of Citellus suslicus. 2. Analysis of extracts from the brain of deeply sleeping ground squirrels shows that the level of enkephalin-like material reliably increases while that of ACTH-like material decreases. 3. It is concluded that the opiate brain activation(More)
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