Ludmila Gavrilova

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Seroprevalence of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (CCHFV) is high in some regions of Greece, but only 1 case of disease has been reported. We used 4 methods to test 118 serum samples that were positive for CCHFV IgG by commercial ELISA and confirmed the positive results. A nonpathogenic or low-pathogenicity strain may be circulating.
Previous investigations have shown the necessity of anti-G protection of cosmonauts on the stage of descent from orbit. Purpose of this research is to evaluate effectiveness of an elastic anti-G suits in opposing the descent accelerations in the Soyuz space vehicles.
This paper describes a study of the effectiveness of the "Centaur" anti-G suit during exposure to +Gz accelerations before and after immersion. Results indicated that the subjects were better able to tolerate the acceleration using the "Centaur" suit than in control studies. Specific cardiovascular responses are presented. This suit has also been used(More)
It is known that several hours of intensive muscle tension result in accumulation of muscle derived enzymes and structural proteins (see review by Clarkson, 1997). We have assumed that, firstly, acute exposure to hypergravity may induce accumulation of serum creatine phosphokinase (CPK), and, secondly, level of that accumulation may be considerably altered(More)
The effectiveness of the Hungarian drug kavinton used to prevent motion sickness was assessed. During the study 8 motion sickness susceptible test subjects were kept in a chamber rotating at a rate of 6 rpm for 5 hours. The effectiveness of the drug taken regularly during the exposure was compared with that of scopolamine and placebo taken as a single dose.(More)