Ludmila E Savinetskaya

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The results of interspecific crosses of the social vole Microtus socialis with the Altai vole M. obscurus, the East European vole M. rossiaemeridionalis, and the Transcaspian vole M. transcaspicus are presented. The role of the sperm head structure in the reproductive isolation of this species was studied. Hybrids were obtained in five of the six crossing(More)
143 Fragmentation of distribution ranges and their reduction frequently influence the genetic structure of wild animal populations interfering with gene exchange between different parts of the distribution area, decreasing effective population size, and elevatt ing the level of inbreeding [1]. In small isolated popuu lations, gene drift can decrease genetic(More)
Theory predicts that due to their resilience, ecosystems and populations are expected to respond to environmental changes not gradually, but in a nonlinear way with sudden abrupt shifts. However, it is not easy to observe and predict the state-and-transition dynamics in the real world because of time lags between exogenous perturbations and species(More)
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