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When less is enough: Cognitive aging, information search, and decision quality in consumer choice.
The results suggest that the aging decision maker can afford to neglect information because this leads to small losses in decision quality, and less may be enough for the aging consumer.
Testing improves true recall and protects against the build-up of proactive interference without increasing false recall
Overall the results of three experiments investigating the impact of retrieval practice on false recall in a multiple list paradigm point to a benefit of testing in increasing long-term veridical recall on the cumulative test.
On the placement of practice questions during study.
Results from the 3 experiments converge in demonstrating an advantage for interspersing practice questions on the initial tests, but an absence of this advantage on the final test.
Adapting to test structure: Letting testing teach what to learn
It is argued that the experience of retrieval can serve as a powerful cue to the most effective ways to encode similar information in comparable future learning episodes and suggested that testing requirements lead to adaptive changes at encoding.
The contributions of language and experience to the representation of abstract and concrete words: Different weights but similar organizations
Multiple representational systems seem to be engaged in the conceptual processing of abstract and concrete concepts, while it remains to be investigated whether their representations follow different organizational principles.
Retrieval‐Based Learning: Research at the Interface between Cognitive Science and Education
This essay reviews research on retrieval-based learning, which refers to the general finding that practicing active retrieval enhances long-term, meaningful learning. The idea that retrieval promotes
False Memories and Impressions of Personality
We extended the false memories paradigm to the study of impressions formation. Traits most commonly used in describing person-targets were employed to identify the four clusters underlying the
Basic psychological needs as a predictor of positive affects: a look at peace of mind and vitality in Chinese and American college students
ABSTRACT Research in the past decade has shown basic psychological needs (BPNs) as essential for human wellness, but little is known about their effects on positive affects that are more
Retrieval Practice Consistently Benefits Student Learning: a Systematic Review of Applied Research in Schools and Classrooms
Given the growing interest in retrieval practice among educators, it is valuable to know when retrieval practice does and does not improve student learning—particularly for educators who have limited