Ludmila Belyaeva

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This study contains data obtained from a cytogenetic investigation of six patients with acute and chronic leukaemia. The karyotypes of bone marrow or blood cells of these patients showed a partial or complete trisomy for the long arm of chromosome 1. Three observations revealed a pronounced resistance of cell clones with 1q+towards cytostatic therapy, and a(More)
Results 20 patients with JIA had an articular form, 11 children had an systemic form. 2 patients had diffuse form of systemic sclerosis (SS). 6 patients had a limited form of SS. 8 children had scleroderma. 8 children with JS, 13 children with JIA and all children with SLE had fever, weakness, weight loss at the onset of the disease. 3 children with JS, 12(More)
The probability to develop lung cancer before 80 years of age is 1.67 and 0.18% for the male and female populations of Kharkov, respectively; the probability to develop large-intestine cancer is 0.92 and 0.49%, respectively. The correlation coefficient (r) of the age of manifestation (AM) of cancer in parent–offspring pairs is 0.47. These correlation(More)
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