Ludivina Gutierrez

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In an injected oscillator, synchronization bands (or Arnold tongues) are theoretically obtained at rational ratios between the frequencies of the generator and the self-oscillation. Here an in-depth analysis of this phenomenon is carried out. A simple and accurate technique is presented for the harmonic-balance prediction of the subharmonic and rational(More)
In this paper we present a Bayesian Network for faultdiagnosis used in an industrial tanks system. We obtain theBayesian Network first and later based on this, we build adefined structure as Junction Tree. This tree is where wespread the probabilities with the algorithm known as LAZY-AR(also Junction Tree). Nowadays the state of the art ininference(More)
A low-power 802.11abg SoC which achieves the best reported sensitivity as well as lowest reported power consumption and utilizes an extensive array of auto calibrations is reported. This SoC utilizes a two-antenna array receiver to build a single weight combiner (SWC) system. A new signal-path Cartesian phase generation and combination technique is proposed(More)
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