Ludger M Altrogge

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Understanding infertility and sterility requires knowledge of the molecular mechanisms underlying sexual reproduction. We have found that male mice deficient for the gene encoding the protease inhibitor protease nexin-1 (PN-1) show a marked impairment in fertility from the onset of sexual maturity. Absence of PN-1 results in altered semen protein(More)
Primary cells are a valuable tool for researchers and are often preferred over transformed or immortalized cell lines since they are biologically more relevant and resemble the in vivo situation much closer. Unfortunately, efficient gene transfer in primary cells is still limited. Whereas viral strategies are time consuming and involve safety risks,(More)
Meaningful RNAi-based data for target gene identification are strongly dependent on the use of a biologically relevant cell type and efficient delivery of highly functional siRNA reagents into the selected cell type. Here we report the use of the Amaxa(R) Nucleofector(R) 96-well Shuttle(R) System for siRNA screening in primary cells. Lonza's Clonetics(R)(More)
This paper describes the development of galactosidase protease-activated receptor (GPAR) as a recombinant protein obtained by fusion of beta-galactosidase, the extracellular domains of protease-activated receptors (PARs), and a biotin acceptor domain. Used as an immobilized substrate, this protein allows the detection of thrombin in the sub-picomolar range.(More)
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