Ludger Inhester

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Ultrafast proton migration and isomerization are key processes for acetylene and its ions. However, the mechanism for ultrafast isomerization of acetylene [HCCH]2+ to vinylidene [H2CC]2+ dication remains nebulous. Theoretical studies show a large potential barrier ( > 2 eV) for isomerization on low-lying dicationic states, implying picosecond or longer(More)
X-ray free-electron lasers enable the investigation of the structure and dynamics of diverse systems, including atoms, molecules, nanocrystals and single bioparticles, under extreme conditions. Many imaging applications that target biological systems and complex materials use hard X-ray pulses with extremely high peak intensities (exceeding 1020 watts per(More)
There has been considerable debate on the existence of a low-barrier hydrogen bond (LBHB) in the photoactive yellow protein (PYP). The debate was initially triggered by the neutron diffraction study of Yamaguchi et al. ( Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., U. S. A. , 2009 , 106 , 440 - 444 ) who suggested a model in which a neutral Arg52 residue triggers the formation(More)
We present the implementation of an electronic-structure approach dedicated to ionization dynamics of molecules interacting with x-ray free-electron laser (XFEL) pulses. In our scheme, molecular orbitals for molecular core-hole states are represented by linear combination of numerical atomic orbitals that are solutions of corresponding atomic core-hole(More)
Hydration shells around ions are crucial for many fundamental biological and chemical processes. Their local physicochemical properties are quite different from those of bulk water and hard to probe experimentally. We address this problem by combining soft X-ray spectroscopy using a liquid jet and molecular dynamics (MD) simulations together with ab initio(More)
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