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Stress can be perceived as the reaction of the body towards observed mental, emotional and physical distress. It is highly curable if it is detected and managed early. There are various methods in relieving anxiety and stress such as meditation. However, to some people, this act is hard to perform. Therefore, they switch to another therapy which is easier(More)
Microkernels have been developed to minimize the size of software that needs to run in privileged CPU mode. It provides a minimal set of general hardware abstractions and able to implement an operating system with a high level of reliability and security. In L4 microkernel, the creation of address spaces, thread and inter process communication as(More)
This paper presents an online system that promotes audio therapy for tuning users' mental states to different modes. By using this system, users may tune and listen to meditative audios to get the calming effects to relieve stress, listening to energizing audios when feeling lethargic in the morning and listening to enlightening audios to help in learning.(More)
Cluster computing involves connection between a server and multiple hosts in one single environment and multi-cluster in inter-cluster environments. One of the crucial factors of a clustering is its network communication. Relying for support of a server-client internetworking, cluster computing uses the TCP/IP socket communication mechanism extensively.(More)
Computer cluster is a collection of multiple computers connected together so that it can be viewed and perform as a single computer using an interconnected device. Graphical Processing Unit is a specialized hardware used to accelerate the creation of an image by manipulating and altering the memory to help CPU to produce an image. Previously, only CPU is(More)
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