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Gale and Shapley focused on a common problem faced by colleges based on their usual admissions procedure—namely, how to admit the ideal number of best-qualified applicants based on a specific quota without knowing precisely how many admitted applicants will accept. For example, the authors note the college may not know whether the applicant has applied(More)
The Taiwan Psychiatric Epidemiological Project, conducted from 1982 to 1986, used the multistage random sampling method with 5005, 3004 and 2995 subjects selected respectively from metropolitan Taipei (MT), 2 small towns (ST) and 6 rural villages (RV). The case identification tool was the Chinese modified Diagnostic Interview Schedule (DIS-CM). This study(More)
The validity of DIS-CM (Chinese modified version of Diagnostic Interview Schedule) was examined by analyzing lifetime prevalence of each age group, age at onset, and recency of illness. The magnitude of the discrepancy between the empirical and the estimated data was adopted as the criterion of the degree of deviation. Manic and depressive episodes were(More)
NIMH-DIS was translated into Chinese and modified to the Chinese version of DIS (DIS-CM). One hundred clinical patients and 187 community subjects were studied for diagnostic agreement between the DIS-CM and the psychiatrist's clinical diagnosis. In the community sample, DIS-CM overdiagnosed the cases of manic episode, phobic disorder, obsessive-compulsive(More)
A community survey in metropolitan Taipei (MT) and two small towns (ST) by using the Chinese modified diagnostic interview schedule (DIS-CM) revealed a significant difference in the prevalence of alcohol abuse (AA) defined by DSM-III between two study samples (MT 3.4%; ST 8.0%), but the prevalence of alcohol dependence (AD) was not different (MT 1.5%; ST(More)
OBJECTIVE To document the prevalence of simulation-based education (SBE) for third- and fourth-year medical students; to determine the perceived importance of SBE; to characterize the barriers associated with establishing SBE. METHODS A 27-item survey regarding simulation was distributed to members of the Council on Medical Student Education in Pediatrics(More)
Parent perception of weight and feeding styles are associated with obesity in other racial groups but have not been explored in-depth in Chinese-American preschoolers. Cross-sectional survey of 253 Chinese-American parents with preschoolers was performed in a community clinic. Regression analysis was used to assess relationships between parental perception(More)
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