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There are many laws that require sellers to disclose private information about the quality of their products. But the theoretical justification for these laws is not obvious: economic theory predicts that a seller will voluntarily disclose such quality information, however unfavorable, as long as it is costless to do so. Here we show that competitive(More)
As the number of bank failures increases, the set of assets available for acquisition by the surviving banks enlarges but the total amount of available liquidity within the surviving banks falls. This results in `cash-in-the-market' pricing for liquidation of banking assets. At a suf ciently large number of bank failures, and in turn, at a suf ciently low(More)
This paper uses a natural experiment to test the impact of counterfeiting under weak intellectual property rights. I collect new panel data from Chinese shoe companies from 1993–2004. By exploiting the discontinuity of government enforcement efforts for the footwear sector in 1995 and the differences in authentic companies’ relationships with the(More)
We show that the efficient allocation of production capacity can turn a competitive industry and downstream market into an imperfectly competitive one. Even though downstream firms have symmetric production technologies, the downstream industry structure will be symmetric only if capacity is sufficiently scarce. Otherwise it will be asymmetric, with one(More)
We investigate the outcome of bargaining when a player’s pay-off from agreement is risky. We find that a risk-averse player typically increases his equilibrium receipts when his pay-off is made risky. This is because the presence of risk makes individuals behave “more patiently” in bargaining. Strong analogies are drawn to the precautionary saving(More)
  • Richard Fish, Jennifer Pinney, +13 authors Colin A Hutchison
  • Clinical journal of the American Society of…
  • 2010
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Monoclonal gammopathies frequently cause renal disease, but they may be an incidental finding. Assessment of renal pathology in the context of renal dysfunction and a monoclonal gammopathy therefore serves as a useful diagnostic tool and, in addition, provides prognostic information. There is, however, a theoretical risk of(More)
We analyze bidding behavior in auctions when risk-averse buyers bid for a good whose value is risky. We show that when the risk in the valuations increases, DARA bidders will reduce their bids by more than the appropriate increase in the risk premium. Ceteris paribus, buyers will be better off bidding for a more risky object in first price, second price,(More)