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CONTEXT Atypical femoral fractures have rarely been reported in women taking bisphosphonates, but this is still a controversial issue. Data are derived mainly from observation studies because a post hoc analysis from a randomized clinical trial did not find any such association. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to report three cases of what are(More)
In athletes, the rarely identified malady of osteoporosis differs from other chronic effects of exercise. The most obvious difference is that hormonal imbalance leads to compensatory mechanisms that in turn lead to osteoporosis and increased incidence of fracture. Most research on this subject has dealt with women, because hormonal imbalances in women are(More)
The objective of this study was to determine whether photochemical inactivation of viruses could be accomplished with high efficiency while preserving the molecular integrity of viral targets allowing subsequent diagnostic tests to be performed at a lower level of containment and cost. We studied the effect of 5-iodonaphthyl 1-azide (INA) and amotosalen(More)
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