Lucy Raymond

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Several studies suggest that welding is detrimental to the male reproductive system. Welding fume and radiant heat are of interest as possible causal factors. This study investigates semen quality and sex hormone concentrations among 17 manual metal arc alloyed steel welders with a moderate exposure to radiant heat (globe temperature ranging from 31.1(More)
BACKGROUND Neurofibromatosis 2 (NF2) is an autosomal-dominant tumour predisposition syndrome characterised by bilateral vestibular schwannomas, considerable morbidity and reduced life expectancy. Although genotype-phenotype correlations are well established in NF2, little is known about effects of mutation type or location within the gene on mortality.(More)
Pulmonary function was studied in six divers living in a hyperbaric chamber at a pressure nearly fifty times normal (49.5 atmospheres absolute (ATA), equivalent to 488 m or 1600 ft seawater (fsw)). As expected, ventilatory function was reduced. At 49.5 ATA, maximum voluntary ventilation (MVV) was 45% less than the control value. Instantaneous rates of gas(More)
Fourteen scuba divers in swim trunks did ergometer work while breathing air at 3 m in 25.5 degrees C water. They were stressed by work and cold. Exercise produced increases in heart rate, minute ventilation (VE), oxygen consumption (VO2), and catecholamine excretion. Cold lowered rectal temperature (Tre) despite exercise, and contributed to the increase in(More)