Lucy Poppelwell

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RATIONALE There are no risk stratification tools for morbidity and mortality in bronchiectasis. Identifying patients at risk of exacerbations, hospital admissions, and mortality is vital for future research. OBJECTIVES This study describes the derivation and validation of the Bronchiectasis Severity Index (BSI). METHODS Derivation of the BSI used data(More)
Bronchiectasis is a common disease with important impacts on patient's quality of life and on healthcare systems in terms of healthcare costs, hospitalisations and mortality. After decades of being regarded as an orphan disease there are an increasing numbers of treatments available, or in late-stage clinical trials. Assessment of disease severity is(More)
During a 10-year interval, 189 patients, comprised of 121 females and 68 males ranging in age from 1 to 98 years, were surgically treated for nonmalignant neck masses. Nonmalignant neck masses were located in the thyroid or submaxillary gland in 60 per cent of these patients. Thyroid adenoma, reactive cervical nodes, and mixed tumor of the submaxillary(More)
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